The Daughter of Three will divine the prophecy and ignite the Essence.

Kelsey’s heart is shattered. She has lost the people she holds most dear, and the weight of the world sits on her shoulders.

Taken to the capital city, Kelsey is summoned by the Rex and commanded to fulfill her destiny. Kelsey accepts the role, but a surprising discovery causes her to question what kind of saviour she will be.

But the Vaa have infiltrated Aracron and their evil taints the land. Citizens and protectors are dying, and the Vaa are evolving. Despite struggling with her growing doubt in the prophecies, Kelsey must meet the High Lord, Irapra, and his minions in battle.

In a fight to save the world, will Kelsey fulfil the prophecy, or be forced to watch the destruction of Aracron?


Book #3 in The Shadow Fractures Trilogy


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