With tenacity and ruin, Sanda of Three will mend the shattering. 

Kelsey Denner may have escaped the Vaa, but now the horrifying invaders have a foothold in the world she has grown to cherish.

To close the Shadow Fractures, Kelsey must once more traverse the lands of Aracron in a deadly quest to reach the long-forgotten altar of the Medi Mountains.

Pursued by protectors and Vaa worshippers, Kelsey is tested in ways she’d never imagined. Battling inner demons, Kelsey struggles with her newfound ingeniums but soon discovers the staggering power - and consequences - of her latent abilities.

With the brutal High Lord of the Vaa, Irapra, hellbent on stopping her, Kelsey will do anything to save the people she loves. Even if it means facing her greatest fear . . .  and even if it demands the ultimate sacrifice.


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