Ternion of Tarr

The demon demands a price … six souls in three nights.

Bound by perilous circumstances, three women unite in a race against time to stop a killer.

PRISONER. Rill Narin has a secret—she is a Tangler. Temporarily inhabiting other bodies is illegal, but a slice of life on the outside is sweet relief from the brutality of prison. Until Rill tangles with Lady Keeva and witnesses a demonic murder.

ARISTOCRAT. Keeva Dalton, daughter of the Earl of Tarr has it all—wealth, parties, elegant clothes. But Keeva detests her gilded cage and yearns for true purpose. Her world spirals into chaos, however, when she gains the attention of a sadistic killer.

GUARD. Sabella Rivers, raised in an orphanage, has achieved her dream of becoming a fully-fledged citizen guard. Now the Code demands she select and train her own fledge, but with Lady Keeva’s life in danger, Sabella is forced to choose the last person she ever imagined as her pupil.

Battling shadowy secrets, this unlikely ternion must fight to unmask the dark summoner … before the toll is paid.


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