Wintersea by Liz Highland

Five Word Summary

Suspenseful, epic, cinematic, sweet, intrepid.


  • Lovers of classic, epic fantasy with sweet romance.


Rowan Andisa, a healer’s apprentice, hiding her magic from the tyrant king. . .
Quinn Alexander, an utterly forgettable prince, with secrets of his own. . .
A rash decision will tie their fates.

To keep herself and her village safe, Rowan leaves her life behind and sets out through the forest for Wintersea, the mysterious, frozen kingdom across the ocean, the only place where magic-born can live free. But her journey takes an unexpected turn when she comes upon the young prince captured by the Woodsmen.

What follows is an adventure into the very heart of the realm, where Rowan is forced into the role of Royal Healer, a dream-come-true but also a nightmare. Because if the royal family discovers her magic, her death won’t be the only consequence. Her people will suffer, too.

But she finds an unlikely ally in Quinn, and soon she’ll discover that he has secrets of his own. Secrets that could exonerate the magic-born . . . but destroy everyone he loves.

In this first installment of the Wintersea Trilogy, hearts will break, loyalties will be tested, and hidden truths will be brought to light.

My thoughts

Today would have been the best day of Rowan’s life, if she were normal. Her heart would have been full of love and hope and belonging. But instead, she was running away.

So begins the adventure. Wintersea is a great fantasy read with all the elements that fantasy lovers adore. We get treacherous forests that are beautiful and magical. We get forbidden magic, healing, sword fights, archery, mysterious and brutal woodsmen, royalty, and sweet, slow-burn romance.

Rowan is a terrific protagonist – filled with empathy and courage and a healthy dose of self-doubt. When she meets Quinn, the two are just what each other needed. they are gorgeous together.

The pacing is just right for high fantasy, the characters are excellent and the descriptions are delightful. I loved it all.

I look forward to the next book in the series to see what happens to Rowan and Quinn and, of course, the whole kingdom.

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